Semalt Explains How Website Redesign Will Bring You More Sales

Did you know that poor web design has a direct negative impact on sales? If you have this problem and want to make your site more attractive, then it will require redesign.

This is a demanding project, which requires careful moves and a strategic approach to avoid mistakes that will eventually get things worse instead of improving them.

It is very important to know what works and what does not on the existing site and to make specific and well-designed moves that will help your business to utilize the existing traffic and, of course, increase it, while also increasing sales. Thus, you will have the maximum ROI (return on your investment).

Read below what exactly a successful strategy involves in redesigning your website or e-shop.

What is a website redesign?

A redesign (or rebuild) is the total change of the website or e-shop in terms of design and most often involves the improvement and addition of functions.

The whole architecture of the site is changing, extensive interventions are made both in the code and in its visual appearance and great importance is given to the best user experience.

It is a complex process, as it is not just a refresh of the colours or the language of the site, but the overall structure is affected, to make it more functional and user-friendly.

When and why it should be done

It is crucial to understand when such a big project needs to be done. Precisely because it requires organization and detailed planning; it is then a process that must be done when the benefits outweigh the complex pre-treatment and potential risks.

Four main reasons lead to the need to redesign a site:
  • First, if the design and especially the visual part of the site is outdated.
  • Second, if the site is old and the technologies used are outdated.
  • Third, if sales and conversions, in general, are constantly declining and there is no other obvious reason for this.
  • Fourth, if users complain about the site navigation experience.
In these cases, the redesign is something that can not be postponed further.

However, it is not something you should be afraid of. The point is to work with the right people, who will approach this project with the utmost care and safety.

Properly covered, it will withstand many adverse conditions. The goal in cases where the redesign is necessary is to create a user-friendly site.

Two terms that we are particularly interested in in this process and determine the choices that need to be made are the User Interface (UI) and the User Experience (UX).

The User Interface concerns the way in which the site is visually captured with a specific layout. This point of the user interface with the camera consists of the buttons that users click, images, text fields, designs, and generally any type of visual element that the user interacts with.

The User Experience is the experience of the user through the site, i.e. if the navigation is easy and simple or complicated. In other words, it is the result of the UI, which determines whether each task is completed efficiently and without tiring or confusing the user.

The redesign of the site aims to create a user interface, which will offer the visitor a pleasant experience. Let's see next what exactly we mean by the right preparation and strategic approach to a site redesign, in order to achieve these goals.

The 8 most efficient practices for a better user experience

The redesign of the site should aim at the best user experience (UX), since it now plays a huge role in everything related to digital marketing, from CRO to SEO. So let us then develop what are the most efficient practices in this process.

Visual elements

Users respond much better to visual elements, such as photos and videos than to plain text. Instead of using ready-made automated photos that anyone could put on a site in your industry, use personalized photos of your products and services, as well as of the people behind the company.

Personalized site based on the brand

Consistency in everything that has to do with the brand is what creates strong bonds of users with your business. Thus, it is important to make sure that the appearance of the site, from the colours to the language used, reflects the brand identity.

If now, during the redesign, there is rebranding, there should be even more attention so that the website or e-shop can pass the messages it wants through the rebranding.

Contrasting colours

The colours must, of course, match each other, but it is essential to make a contrast, in order to catch the visitor's eye on the site.

Especially for some elements, such as Calls to Action and the logo, it is necessary to be in completely different colours from the background, to be seen immediately.

Creating a blog

Useful content, with which the brand shares its experience and knowledge with its audience, is the modern way in which marketing is now done.

The public does not want us to sell them something, but to be by their side and help them. So, instead of direct marketing, it is better to invest in indirect marketing, which brings sympathy from the target audience.

Blogging on the site is the easiest and most economical way to achieve this. Thus, you will gain traffic, you will benefit in terms of SEO and you will develop your own brand voice through articles that will be read by the visitors, who are at a point to likely be turned into customers.

New landing pages for more sales

The redesign is a great opportunity to create new landing pages, aiming for more conversions. This can be done with pages that will attract more visitors and ultimately customers, such as pages with specific offers.

These, of course, are the pages that require the most control, after the redesign is completed, to test whether they really work and how users react to them.

SEO optimization

Traffic from organic results is a very important part of any website's business. It is therefore essential to take all the necessary SEO steps to ensure that the site ranks well in Google's search results. Of course, this can also be achieved through Google ads, which help your page rank, but this is part of sponsored advertising.

SEO is, of course, a whole field in digital marketing with complex practices both on-page and off-page. In terms of redesign, moves can be made at this stage to help SEO.

Texts with relevant keywords, meta descriptions with these keywords, alt text in the images and extensive content on each page are some of the things you can do to show Google that the site is relevant to specific searches that interest you.

The most important part of course when it comes to redesigning your page is not to create pages that lead to 404 errors (Page not found), especially when it comes to pages that have organic traffic.

We even suggest that you use this SEO tool, The Dedicated SEO Dashboard, to make it easier for you to find strategic keywords so that your site is well optimised.

Optimization for voice search

Voice search will be of great concern to us in the coming years and is the new challenge that SEO has to face.

People are destined to communicate in a natural way rather than writing, and this is why voice searches are becoming more common than written searches. Optimizing your site for voice search involves a variety of practices, such as converting texts and titles to include whole phrases.

The local SEO, namely to optimize the site for searches involving close to the user products and services (such as "Chinese restaurant near me" or "bicycles for rent in London') is directly relevant.

Mobile friendly

Nowadays, most of the searches and page views are done from mobile devices, so for a website, being mobile-friendly is a prerequisite.

In fact, we are no longer just talking about being mobile-friendly, but having a mobile-first design, that is, a design that was created first for mobile and then for computers

High speed and design that respond directly to the user's wishes, offering an excellent user experience, are elements that will benefit the site both in terms of SEO and CRO.


The redesign of a website is a complex process, the success of which depends on many factors.

Whoever undertakes it must have knowledge and experience in all areas of digital marketing and web development, utilizing current trends that improve the user experience. Thus, the result of the interventions will be increased traffic but also increased sales.

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